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Do you offer private labelling?

We are one of the top private label clothing manufacturers and provide all kinds of OEM and ODM services as per the requirements of our buyers.

Tags, labels or any other kind of embellishments like stickers, safety locks, zips, buttons etc can be developed as per your designs and attached to the products manufactured for you. However, all these embellishments do have higher MOQs (in 1000s) and can be stored by us for future use on your following orders.

What services do you offer? Can you please elaborate?

We offer following services:
— Pattern Making and Grading
— Prototype or Sampling Development
— Printing; We offer a variety of printing techniques like water or rubber based screen printing, digital printing, sublimation, embossing, direct to garment, tie-dye, gold or silver foil printing, glitter printing etc.
— Embroidery; We use fine threads like Madeira or similar threads to enhance final finishing of the embroidery design if required.
— Special finishes on fabrics or garments
— Custom Buttons, Zips, Pullers etc. These usually have higher MOQ’s around 10 – 30k pcs custom made for you.

— Custom Tags, Labels, Heat Transfers, Product Stickers etc
— Shipping

What information do you require to get started?

We need the following information from you and we can start with the sampling process or as required:
— Complete tech pack or else a garment itself that can be couriered on to our mailing address,
— Details like fabric construction, GSM, information on knitting or weaving style of the base fabric, along with logo and artwork design files (if any),
— Your expected order quantities per size per colour

What kind of orders you prefer?

We are most comfortable with long term contracts where our buyers provide us forecast of their monthly requirements. We can then organise raw material and control contingencies to provide regular ready product deliveries on time.

What are your MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) for cost effective pricing?

As we are bespoke apparel manufacturers and every order is different to the other thus our minimum order quantities are not fixed.

However, once you share your idea, design and spec charts we can then define an MOQ for that particular order depending on its design complexity, base fabric and any other accessory requirements. However, cost effective pricing can be given for 500 or above pieces/style/colour.

How much time does it take for sample development?

Depending on the design and the materials required for the sample development it can vary somewhere between 1-4 weeks from the date we receive complete required information and sampling payment.

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General & Design.

What is a tech pack and can you please provide me with an example?

The tech pack or sometimes called a spec chart is basically a blueprint of all the information regarding your design compiled together neatly for us to understand and manufacture your clothing designs accurately. To give you an idea of the same we have uploaded a sample spec chart file for your reference.

Download NG Apparels Sample Tech Pack Template

How would it work as you are located in India?

God Bless Technology! In this age of tech savvy world we can be in constant touch with each other via phone, email and instant messengers like Telegram and Whatsapp.

We can have a video conference over Skype if you would like to talk in person and discuss further on your ideas and we can also demonstrate or show your prototype which can be then be delivered to you via a courier service in 3-5 days.

Is there a presentation of your company that I can show to my board?

Please visit the presentation link as we have made it comfortable for you and your esteemed organisation to better understand NG Apparels.

Are my designs secure with you?

We at NG Apparels have a non-disclosure policy and thus your designs are not shown, shared or given for reference to any other person outside the company’s eco-system.

However, certain designs can be showcased in our factory’s sample room for reference only after a certain period of time (when it’s no longer fresh). We do not manufacture the same designs for any other client.

Moreover, we are also open to signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you as we take your privacy seriously.

Which file formats do you prefer?

The design files are required in a format that don’t pixelate (vectorized) when we try to increase the size of the design. Thus, we recommend .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file but we can also work with .pdf, .jpeg, .eps and .tiff files.


Weeks per sample


Weeks for production

Shipping & Logistics

Can you deliver the products to us?

Yes we can deliver the products to you via air or sea, where air takes upto 5-7 days and sea around 35 – 45 days.

If you want door-to-door delivery then we can manage that too!

Where are you located and how far are you from New Delhi or Mumbai?

We are located in Ludhiana which is one of Asia’s largest hub in many sectors like apparel manufacturing and the entire eco-system from spinning – dyeing – finishing of the fabrics and the garments is available here.

Thus, we are in a better position here to cater to your needs and showcase you a vast category of products of your interest.

There are a multiple hassle free ways to reach:
New Delhi – Ludhiana
— via road which takes around 4-5hrs depending upon the traffic,
— via air which takes around 50mins to Chandigarh airport and then from Chandigarh airport nearly 1.25hrs to reach our factory,
— via train which takes 4hrs to reach Ludhiana.

Mumbai to Ludhiana
— via air which takes around 2.25hrs to Chandigarh airport and then from the airport our factory would be 1.25hrs away depending upon the congestion on the road.

* If there’s any assistance that you may require then please contact us and we’ll get back to you with the appropriate solution as fast as we can.

How much will it cost to ship the goods to me?

Shipping depends on two factors – destination and weight / volume, thus we would require these two pieces of information to get you the best quotes.

What is your mailing address and the process for sending a reference sample to you?

Below is our mailing address:

Heading Details
Consignee Attn: Mr. Arpit Aryan Gupta
Consignee: NG APPARELS
Address: 270-A, Industrial Area-A, Ludhiana 141003 PB INDIA
Mobile: +919855657111
IEC: 3093001609

Please make sure you generate the Invoice mentioning our details above with each product value not exceeding more than US$1.00/piece. Please view the sample Invoice below for reference.


ngapparels sample invoice format


*** Please note that this is a really important step that needs to be carefully followed for smooth delivery of your samples to our factory/office.

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