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Before & post India’s Independence in 1947, Mela Ram & Sons (Mela Ram Jain Soot Waale) were North India’s largest Cotton & Viscose Yarn dealers with 70% + market share.

Nimesh Gupta s/o Late Shri Yash Pal Gupta belonging to the family Late Shri Mela Ram Jain. An active member of DD Jain Trust of Colleges and Schools, Ludhiana.



Managing Director

Belonging to a family of entrepreneurs, Nimesh always had the zeal to start something of his own. While he was in the midst of learning the basics of manufacturing Soaps/Detergents (Bajaj Soap Factory, Ludhiana) from his father, he suddenly developed a keen interest in the textiles business of the family (Uma Textiles, Ludhiana).

Woven, 1979

Mentally motivated and technically sound, Nimesh began his journey on the factory floor by learning the machines from scratch. Inherited family values, discipline, quality conscious nature, Nimesh set a new path.

Knits, 1995

Established to manufacture knitted readymade garments. Luck favoured Nimesh and he exported a million units of T-Shirts to USA within the first 2 years of this clothes factory’s establishment.

Ludhiana, 2010

He is also a Managing Committee Member of the Industrial Training Institute Girls, Ludhiana running under the Govt. Department of Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab.

Ludhiana, 2018

Along with his business activities his interest lies in spending time to participate in improving the educational system in the country being a Managing Committee Member in D.D. Jain Colleges and Trust.

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Director & New Business Development Head

After experience, Arpit Aryan Gupta joined the company and has given a complete new direction heading different projects. He has been successful in implementing new methods to reduce turn around time, minimize human error, improve AQL score and more for 100% buyer satisfaction.

Australia & England

Arpit Aryan Gupta graduated from University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelors of Business in Marketing and Information Technology. He also got the opportunity to study Information Science and Business Information Systems Development from Loughborough University, England via a scholarship programme.

Optus, Amex

Prior to joining, Arpit worked in sectors like Telecom, Banking and Fashion where he played key roles like heading sales teams and improving product performance. Due to his entrepreneurial nature he couldn’t stay away from business and joined NG Apparels and took it to a different level altogether.

An entrepreneur in the making, Arpit Aryan Gupta is a 4th generation family business head with interests in Luxury Real Estate, Movies, Textiles and IT.

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Since Arpit Aryan Gupta’s joining we have procured the most complex orders and fortunately we have been able to develop them with perfection and are now proud patents of our respective clients across continents. Products like hair accessory, special motherhood jacket, multi-purpose robe, knitted grindle linen and others have been our innovations.