(1884 – 1967)

Our family business foundation was laid in 1932 by Mela Ram Jain (Bai Ji), quite popularly known as “Mela Ram Soot Wale”. A 50 year old who had understood business in and out working as a clerk in a government office planned to establish a trading office (Sohanlal Melaram & Sons) in Ludhiana. An avowed entrepreneur and a committed philanthropist, Mela Ram Jain seeded pioneering businesses in sectors such as yarn (RK Staples & Spinning Mill, Ludhiana), education (D.D. Jain College, Ludhiana), healthcare (Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana) and real estate (Metropolitan Land and Finance Corporation, Mumbai).

Mela Ram Jain, Mela Ram Soot Wale, Sohanlal Melaram & Sons, Ludhiana.
Yash Pal Gupta, Uma Textiles, Ludhiana



(1927 -2001)

Right after completing his Bachelor’s Degree from DAV College Jalandhar, Yash at the age of 24 joined his father and decided to manufacture textiles (Uma Textiles) by using their own company’s yarn (RK Staples and Spinning Mill). Visionary by nature, Yash took the company’s name to the masses by becoming one of the biggest manufacturer of textiles & soaps (Bajaj Soap Factory) in Ludhiana in that era.