#NGA-PPE is an ergonomically designed and manufactured personal protective equipment kit for maximum comfort, breathability and protection against infectious particles.

PPE Kit Overview

PPE kit manufacturers in India
Govt. Approved
Coverall / Gowns

Providing 360 degree protection by creating a barrier to eliminate or reduce contact and droplet exposure. We use variety of fabric including Govt. of India approved non-woven fabric.

Disposable 3ply Surgical Mask
2Ply or 3Ply / Hybrid Fabric
Triple Layered Mask
  • Layered Filtration System
  • Comfortable Breathing Mechanism
  • Air permeability
  • Ergonomically Designed

Also available in Hybrid Fabric Layering System and in Tie-on / Elasticated ear loop.

PPE disposable 3ply shoe cover manufacturers in India
Govt. Approved Fabric
Shoe Cover

Shoe covers facilitate personal protection as well as decontamination. Wear them to provide a barrier against contaminated environment or possible exposure to airborne organisms.

Disposable surgical gloves manufacturers in India
Made of Latex / Fabric
Disposable Gloves

Gloves made of latex are best to protect yourself against bacteria and viruses. We provide Nitrile gloves as they resist chemicals and certain disinfectants such as chlorine.

PPE face shield manufacturers in India
Single quality thickness
Face Shield

Adjustable band to attach firmly around the head and fit snuggly against the forehead covering eyes and the surrounding areas with room for wearing prescription glasses.

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