Yes! We supply 100% linen yarn and also can manufacture linen knitted fabrics using circular knitting blended with cotton, viscose and other yarns.

Fine yarn

Wet spun linen yarns fine quality for weaving N.M. 2.5 to 40 (long & short fibre), Natural greige, boiled, bleached, Dyed yarn also available, Single & Twisted up to 6 ply, Electronic cleaned and sliced or automatic knot, Winding on weaving cones – ca. 2 KG.

Thick yarn

Dry thick spun yarn, Range count: NM 0.20 (Lea 0.33) up to NM 2.5 (Lea 4), Single & Twisted up to 6 ply, Polished & Unpolished, Balls 100, 200, 500 Grs – individual shrink, Packed in plastic bags, on fumigated pallets, or as needed.